Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Australian Mint Coins


Buy Australian Mint Coins Produced by the Perth Mint. Select From A Range of Australian Gold Bullion Coins that Cater to Collectors and Investors

Australian mint gold coins are crafted from proof grade gold bullion and are universally recognized throughout the coin world. In Australia, one of the most prolific manufacturers of Australian mint coins is the Perth Mint. Originally established as a branch of the Royal London Mint, this organization now operates under the umbrella of the Western Australia government and produces an extensive range of theme based, commemorative and collector’s coins. Perth Mint gold coins are represented by the mintmark ‘P’ which is etched into the obverse of the coin.

Theme based Australian gold bullion coins celebrate unique cultural and iconic aspects of Australian lifestyle and heritage. One of the most popular coin series is the Discover Australia coin program which features indigenous designer Darryl Bellotti’s unique interpretation of 15 different Australian animals. As home to some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world, foreign guests are always keen to see animals they have heard about but never seen. This coin series pays tribute to these animals and celebrates Australia’s best known marsupial through the DA Dreaming Kangaroo gold coin and the DA Dreaming Echidna gold coin, an Australian monotreme.

Australian mint coins also have something to offer the collector. Individuals that are passionate about collecting sporting or historical memorabilia will find that Perth Mint Gold coins cover a range of famous people. An example of this is the Sir Edmund Hillary Gold Coin. Who can forget the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This coin pays tribute to the man by inscribing the coin with the words “A Lifetime of Achievement”. Royalty fans will also find the HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Wedding Anniversary coin to be particularly appealing. The coins reverse displays an official colour photograph of the royal couple with a stylized representation of a cut diamond. Both of these coins are issued in limited quantity and come with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Coins such as these can become valuable over time when the official release sells out and a secondary market develops.

Australian mint gold coins also cater to the serious investor. One of the most universally recognized gold coins in the world is the Gold Sovereign. The Perth Mint produces its very own version; derived from the original mandate established by the Royal London Mint. The Australian Gold Sovereign is struck from 91.67% pure 22K gold in proof quality. Gold coins are the perfect vehicle for investors who want to acquire some gold as a safe haven, inflation or crisis hedge. Coins are easy to transport and store provided you don’t acquire them in large quantity. Australian gold coins also face minimal restrictions for transport in and out of the country and are considered legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965.

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