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Australian Mint Coins: Buy Beautiful Proof Gold & Silver Collectible Coins

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Proof Gold and Silver Collectible Coins

Whether you’re looking for a special occasion gift, Christmas present or to buy some new collectible coins it is important that you consider 7 crucial factors before you make a purchase. Australian mint coins can be used to make a unique impression, forge important business relations or to celebrate a special occasion. If you are looking for that all important collectible coin then the following guidelines will provide you with food for thought when shopping for mint proof coins.

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Tip #1: Always consider your target recipient when reviewing coins. Age, gender and cultural considerations should all be primary factors to consider when reviewing proof gold coins and silver mint coins. If you are buying the coin for a male then it is helpful to consider whether the person has a preference for a particular theme. If the individual is female then beautiful coins or coins that have stunning and cute designs will strongly resonate. For an overseas guest, a coin that depicts a cultural representation of the country in which he or she is visiting can be a great talking point. Collectible coins with images of a koala, kangaroo or kookaburra are special mint proof coins from Australia that will make a unique impression to a business associate or bring a smile to the face of native animal fans.

Tip #2: Consider the coins circulation. Limited edition coins are issued in restricted quantity which allows you to own a collectible coin that only a few thousand people have. These coins sometimes commemorate prominent world sporting events such as the recent World Cup, Winter Olympics or the 25th Anniversary of the Americas cup. Collectible silver coins such as these are ideal for sports fans or individuals who collect sporting memorabilia. When you select collectible coins with the right theme it can trigger memories and provide many hours of viewing pleasure over a lifetime. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate collectible coins for their sporting significance.

Tip #3: Take into account whether the coin is part of an coin continuation program. Many people like mint proof coins that are part of an ongoing coin series. Part of the joy of coin collecting is acquiring all the coins that comprise a particular theme. An example of this is the Australian lunar series. Each year a new collectible coin is released that corresponds to the current lunar year. If you buy the current years coins or purchase a coin to compliment an existing holding then you will be giving a gift that has great value to the person you are giving it to and adding value to their collection.

Tip #4: Consider the coins construction. Most conventional silver mint coins and mint gold coins are forged from proof grade gold or silver. Some coins, however, feature innovative designs which add to the coins visual appeal and are ideally suited as special occasion or anniversary gifts. Coins such as the Treasures of Australia coin series include a special transparent locket case containing precious Australian minerals. For a 25th Wedding anniversary you can purchase silver mint coins. For a 50th wedding anniversary you can choose from mint gold coins. Coins that contain pearls and diamonds are suitable for a 30th wedding anniversary or 60th wedding anniversary gift. These coins are strongly symbolic and crafted with stunning designs. They are a nice alternative to conventional jewelry.

Tip #5: Coins build important cultural bridges. If you are dealing with a foreign guest then select a coin that can showcases your culture or has strong significance to the other party. An example is the Australian lunar series or mythological coins featuring designs that appeal and embody the Chinese culture but are constructed in Australia using Australian mined resources. Since each coin embodies a story or particular theme, giving a coin like this has strong cultural significance to both parties.

Tip #6: Buy collectible coins for children. Giving a coin as a gift to a child can help them start a collection. Since each coin has a story behind it, giving coins has significant educational benefit. Australian proof coins featuring native animal designs can educate and enlighten children on issues such as indigenous and cultural heritage. Foreign coins or coins with important historical figures also provides a valuable and enriching historical lesson on important cultural developments or the lifetime of achievement.

Tip #7: Coins make incredible souvenirs. If you are looking for a gift to send to an individual overseas or for someone who is visiting your country then select a coin that will be interesting. A proof gold coin is easy to send and won’t cost a fortune in postage. If you giving it to them whilst they are in the country its small size will be appreciated for ease of transportability and you will be providing them with a valuable gift to commemorate their trip.

Take into consideration the above points and you will be able to select the right collectible coin to suit every occasion.

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