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Australian Gold Coins

Australian Gold Coins Showcase Australian Culture, Heritage And Wild Life

As an abundant producer and exporter of gold, Australia is an ideal location for the production of Australian gold coins. The most prolific producers of gold Australian coins have been the different Australian mints. Originally sanctioned by the British Royal Mint to produce gold sovereigns, Australian mints were strategically chosen to produce gold sovereigns for the British colonies. These mints were established throughout various Australian states. In Western Australia, the Perth Mint was the commissioned branch. Since the Perth Mints inception its activities have evolved beyond sovereign production to include a range of coin and bullion based programs. Gold from mines such as the Olympic Dam mine find its way to the refinery where it is transformed into investment and proof grade Australian coins and bars. Today, it is a prolific producer of Australian gold coins and coin programs that showcase Australian culture and heritage.

The ‘land down under’ is a vast continent with an abundant supply of natural minerals. It also has a rich heritage, famous for its aboriginal root origin. According to Wikipedia, the Australian aborigines have been specifically identified as a group of people who share common ancestry back to the original occupants of the continent. The aborigines had a strong spiritual connection to nature and the environment. Australian native animals feature heavily in Aboriginal history and folklore. Australian gold coins include a range of coins that are inspired by aboriginal artwork; feature an abstract indigenous interpretation and can also incorporate minerals such as diamonds, opals and gold granules as part of the design.

What sets Australian gold coins apart are the different animals that comprise the coins designs. As a popular tourist destination, people from the world over travel to Australia to see these unique native animals. Creatures such as the platypus, crocodile, wombat, frilled neck lizard and koala feature heavily in Australian gold coin designs.

The Platypus

This semi aquatic animal inhabits small streams and rivers throughout eastern Australia. It is one of five species that lays eggs instead of giving birth to live young. It is a bizarre looking animal that has a duck bill, beaver tail and venomous spur on the hind foot. It has been used as a mascot at national events and features on the reverse of the Australian 20 cent coin. This animal is now a protected species due to the fact that it was originally hunted for its fur. The Australian gold coin such as the Discover Australia series incorporate an abstract interpretation of this creature.

The Crocodile

These predators are aquatic reptiles that feed on fish, reptiles and mammals and reside in the tropics of Australia in rivers, lakes and wetlands. They are believed to be over 200 years old, having survived great extinction events. They have a prehistoric look, a streamlined body and web feet which help to propel them through the water. This animal has also proven to be a popular choice for contemporary Australia gold coin designs.

The Wombat

This Australian marsupial is a short legged stumpy animal that looks like a small bear. They have a short tail and are found in the mountains, forests and heathland areas of south eastern Australia and Tasmania. The wombat digs extensive burrow systems with its powerful claws and its diet consists of bark, roots, herbs and grasses. The origin of the word wombat is from the Eora Aboriginal community. This animal is a popular choice for gold coins from Australia that incorporate native Australian animals.

The Frilled Neck Lizard

Deriving its name from the frill around its neck the frill neck lizard is found in parts of northern Australia in the tropical savannah woodlands. This animal spends most of its time in the trees and its diet consists mainly of insects and small vertebrates. They employ an ambush style of attack to their prey. Prior to the Australian 2 cent coin being discontinued in 1991, this animal featured on the reverse of the coin. This animal now features on Australian gold coins such as those produced by prominent Australian mints.

The Koala

Found in the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia in the woodlands this marsupial is native to Australia. The koala’s appearance is that of a small bear similar in appearance to the wombat but with a thicker coat, longer ears and longer limbs. It also has sharp claws to assist with climbing trees. Its diet consists primarily of eucalypt leaves and due to the fact that it has a very low metabolic rate it rests motionless for 16 to 18 hours a day. The koala is a popular animal that has been used extensively on Australian gold coin designs and as part of ongoing Australian gold coin programs.

Australian gold coins are popular coins among local and international coin enthusiasts. Australian gold coins from mint programs are often subject to limited release making them valuable collectors items with the potential for appreciation. Many of the coins are considered to be commemorative issues and come with numbered certificates of authenticity and recognized mint marks making them easy for coin dealers around the world to recognize.

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