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Perth Mint Chinese Lunar Coins

Perth Mint Chinese Lunar Coins

Western Australia is a commodity driven economy that provides an abundance of natural resources for export around the world. In 1899, Britain’s Royal Mint established the Perth Mint due to its proximity to gold reserves. The mints location was a strategic operation designed to produce gold sovereigns and half sovereigns for circulation among British colonies. Rather than producing the coins and shipping them back to London for redistribution back to the colonies, it was thought that branch mints would provide a more expedient and cost effective solution. The mint remained under the guardianship of the Royal mint until it passed to the Western Australia government in 1970.

Today, the Perth Mints primary activities center around the production and distribution of precious metals, gold, silver and coins. Of particular interest to coin enthusiasts and collector’s is the range of theme based and commemorative coins that the mint issues on a regular basis. Some of these coins are once off limited edition coins whilst others form part of an ongoing series. One of the most popular coin series is the Chinese Lunar Coins. Gold and silver Chinese lunar coins celebrate the twelve different animals of the Chinese zodiac.

The Chinese lunar calendar divides time into 60 year cycles made up of twelve years that correspond to the twelve animal signs. According to legend these twelve animals arrived to bid farewell to Amitabha Buddha prior to his ascension to heaven. Each year, the Chinese New Year ushers in a new ruling animal sign. Chinese folklore dictates that the year will be dominated by the character traits of the ruling animal. Each animal has a harmonious and inharmonious relationship to other animals which governs compatibility. Perth Mint Lunar Series Coins are forged to depict the core Chinese zodiac animals in gold and silver.

A Basic Overview of The Chinese Zodiac And The Twelve Different Animal
Signs Comprising The Australian Lunar Series Coins

The following is a brief overview of the different character traits of animals. The Perth Mint Australian Lunar Series celebrates the Chinese New Year by releasing a coin to commemorate the ruling year.

Year of the Rat Coin (2008): The rat is typically a hard working and industrious animal with the ability to withstand harsh conditions. The year of the rat is traditionally a good year for starting business ventures since it is not considered volatile and therefore an opportune time to start long term ventures.

Year of the Ox Coin (2009):
The OX is a hard working and steady animal that symbolizes conscientious and dedicated effort. It is also represents a conservative and old fashioned approach as opposed to new creative or pioneering ideas. The OX is traditionally use to plough fields, has a strong work ethic and is patient, loyal and strong.

Year of the Tiger Coin (2010): 2010 marks the beginning of the year of the tiger. The tiger years are considered to be volatile and dangerous with many issues being forced into the open so that cleansing can take place. The year of the tiger is not considered auspicious for forging alliances or starting business ventures because it is generally a year characterized by high drama, quarrels and confrontation.

2011 Year of the Rabbit Coin: The rabbit symbolizes peace and diplomacy and the year of the rabbit is usually a calming period after the difficult year of the tiger. The rabbit epitomizes persuasion, conciliation and reconciliation and the rabbit’s easy going nature generally signifies a pleasant year with few matters serious in nature.

Year of the Dragon Coin (2012): Conventionally a fire symbol, the dragon is considered to be a spectacular year characterized by dramatic and fiery events. During dragon years, businessmen often initiate plans for growth and expansion. Dragons are brave and courageous animals and people born under this ruling year often have high energy levels. In China, the Dragon symbolizes the emperor with connotations of power and prestige.

Year of the Snake Coin (2013): The snake is considered to be an elegant animal, graceful in its approach and symbolic of art and beauty. During the snake years advancements take place and business and commerce can flourish. Don’t be fooled by the snake’s elegance, however, since tension and distrust can manifest during the year of the snake.

Year of the Horse Coin (2014): A free spirited and noble animal, the year of the horse is characterized by high adventure and advancement. It is a good year for corporations to forge ahead with new plans and an opportune time for personal career aspirations. It is an action oriented year with new developments coming into fruition and rationalization being forced aside.

Year of the Sheep Coin (2015): Following the busy pace of the year of the horse the year of the sheep tends to be a quiet and generally peaceful year. It is a family oriented year with commercial ventures, trade and commerce of secondary importance. During this year conciliation is likely to be the dominant theme and the sheep’s pleasant disposition and honorable spirit tends to ensure issues are dealt with in a diplomatic way as opposed to flaring into an open conflict.

Year of the Monkey Coin (2016): Monkeys traditionally epitomize fun and games so you can be sure that the year of the Monkey will reflect this. Monkeys are cunning, agile and creative so you can expect the year to reflect these core character traits. Businesses started during these years often take off and the year is often dominated by merger and acquisition activity. Risky and speculative ventures take hold during the year of the monkey with shrewd business activity a central theme.

Year of the Rooster Coin (2017): The rooster years are optimistic years but years whereby trade and commerce encounter irritating difficulties and unnecessary complications. An animal that is well known for making a lot of noise, you can expect business dealings and human affairs to reflect this.

Year of the Dog Coin (2006/2018): The Chinese zodiac description portrays the dog as a loyal, fair and just animal. People with strong willed and stubborn behavior prosper during these years. The dog year epitomizes annoyances and quarrelsome behavior with a notion of bickering but nothing that will spill over into full blown conflict.

Year of the Boar Coin (2007/2019): The boar year is generally favorable for trade and commerce dealings and businesses tend to flourish. Action oriented individuals will do well during these years and social events and leisure activities are also on the upswing. A point of caution for the year of the pig is to avoid getting caught up in any over-indulgence.

Lunar series proof coins bring to life the archetypal traits of the twelve earthly branches. The twelve year cycle commences with the rat and ends with the boar in accordance with the order of the calendar, structured by the Chinese Gods after a contest was held requiring the animals to line up and cross over a river. Fans of Chinese culture and avid collectors will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful contemporary and symbolic designs that these Chinese lunar coins embody.

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