Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Australian Proof Set

Buy an Australian proof set for your collection or as a unique gift!

A coin proof set is a special collection or commemorative set released in limited quantity as a tribute to a person or special event. These mint proof coin sets make great gifts for that special someone or occasion. An Australian proof set from the Perth Mint makes a super purchase for any serious collector. Coin proof sets often come accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Review the following Mint proof coins and coin sets from Australia.

Perth Mint Great British Icons Six Coin Silver Proof Coin Sets
Perth Mint 2011 Australian Proof Coin Set
Perth Mint Tanks of WW II 2010 1oz Silver Proof Five Coin Set
2012 London Olympic Games Coins
Perth Mint Kings of the Road 1oz Silver Coin Set
Famous Ballets 1oz Silver Proof Coin Set
Australian Gold Sovereigns Of The Perth Mint
2010 Five Coin Platinum Set
2009 UK Proof Set
2009 Year of OX Typeset Collection
Year of Astronomy Proof Set
Early Governors Silver Proof Collection
Classic Motorbikes 1oz Silver Coin Collection
Australian Kookaburra 20th Edition Silver bullion Coin Set
Australian Kookaburra 20th Edition Gold Proof Coin Set
Ned Kelley 1oz Silver Proof Collection
Great River Journey’s 1oz Silver Coin Set

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