Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Australian Kookaburra 20th Edition Silver Bullion Coin Set

Kookaburra Coins: Australian Kookaburra 20th Edition Silver Bullion Coin Set

Perth Mint Kookaburra 20th Edition Silver Coin Set

Australian Kookaburra Coins are unique collector’s items the world over. Kookaburra coins have been running since the early 1990′s and are highly sought after collector’s items.

Silver kookaburra coins are crafted from bullion quality 99.9% pure silver and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. The Australian kookaburra 20th Edition silver Bullion coin set commemorates 20 years of the Kookaburra coin program.

The kookaburra coin set is subject to a release of 10,000 on a worldwide basis.

Buy Kookaburra coins for a serious collector or to make a lasting business impression.

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