Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Discover Australia Coins

Buy Discover Australia coins: The Gold & Silver Dreaming Series

The Discover Australia coins are a stunning representation of the unique indigenous culture, wildlife, heritage and rare beauty of the Australian landscape. Discover Australia gold and silver coins from the Perth Mint are 99.99% pure. These coins are considered Australian legal tender, come in extremely limited mintage, are beautifully presented and come with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Whether you’re a serious collector or just looking for a unique gift, these gold and silver coins make a treasured addition or purchase.

Review Discover Australia gold and silver coins.

DA Dreaming Discover Australia Gold Coins

Turtle Dreaming Rectangular Gold Coins
DA Dreaming Brolga Gold Coins
DA Dreaming Dolphin Gold Coins
DA Dreaming Echidna Gold Coins
DA Dreaming Kangaroo Gold Coins
DA Dreaming Snake Gold Coin

DA Dreaming Discover Australia Silver Coins

DA Dreaming Brolga Solver Coin
DA Dreaming Dolphin Silver Coin
DA Dreaming Echidna Silver Coin
DA Dreaming Kangaroo Silver Coin
DA Dreaming Snake Silver Coin
First Man In Space Coin
Kangaroo Dreaming Rectangular Silver Coin
Turtle Dreaming Rectangular Silver Coin
DA Dreaming Snake Silver Coin

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