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Feng Shui Coins

Buy Feng Shui Coins: Ancient Folklore, Tradition & Contemporary Feng Shui Chinese Coins

Feng shui coins are used extensively in Chinese culture to symbolize wealth, success and happiness. They often feature mythological creatures such as the dragon or phoenix and can be tied together with red ribbon, carried in a wallet or purse or placed in a prescribed designated area to ward off negativity and restore harmony. Coins with the right inscriptions are also used as part of the Chinese classic book of changes known as the I Ching. This mythical antiquity gained the attention of China’s most eminent scholars down through the centuries to present day. When shaken, these coins appear in a number of different permutations and correspond to one of the 64 different hexagrams. This ancient system of divination is still widely practiced by eastern and western cultures and its interpretation is used by adept practitioners for personal or business consultation purposes.

In today’s modern society, feng shui lucky coins are able to be crafted in exquisite detail due to advances in modern technology. Whilst the old classic Feng Shui Chinese coins remain the same, new interpretations have been developed that epitomize and embody the classic ancient character traits. They are not necessarily used as part of the divination system; rather they are created to give symbolic expression to auspicious or desired attributes. Feng Shui masters recommend these coins as a talisman for wealth, luck and success. Businessmen carry these coins in a wallet or display them in a prominent location for luck and good fortune. They are also exchanged during Chinese New Year’s festivities or given as a special gift.

Modern feng shui coins make use of Chinese folklore to recreate and give expression to culture and tradition. In ancient times, the three wise men of Chinese lore were considered high officials of the gods and bestowed with long life, prosperity and happiness. Today, modern feng shui coins created from proof grade gold and silver have been minted as collector’s pieces to depict some of these ancient traits. They are beautifully crafted with colorful artwork and are stunning in appearance. An example of this is the Perth Mint who have adopted Chinese Mythology as one of its dominant coin themes. They issue coins that stand alone but also form a four piece collectors set to represent longevity, wealth, success and fortune. Due to the fact they are issued in limited edition they are a popular choice as collector’s items.

The Chinese zodiac is also the basis for which some feng shui coins are derived. Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar and divides time into 60 year cycles made up of twelve years that corresponds to the twelve different animals. To enhance personal luck and good fortune, coins with a persons ruling animal are considered to be auspicious. With the year of the tiger fast approaching, year of the tiger coins are especially relevant. When crafted from gold or silver they last an eternity and take on greater significance when given as a gift during the persons ruling year.

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