Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Perth Mint Chinese Lucky Waving Green Cat 1-25 oz Gold Coin

Buy Perth Mint Chinese Lucky Waving green Cat 1/25 oz Gold Coin

Perth Mint Lucky Waving Green Cat 1_25oz Gold Coin

The Chinese lucky cat is a good luck talisman to attract luck, prosperity, and business good fortune. Cats conventionally ward off evil and the raised paw beckons wealth arriving. The Chinese lucky waving green cat 1/25 oz gold coin features markings of the colour green which represents free expression, showmanship, theatrics and recreation. It is an ideal auspicious gift for someone special or for an anniversary or birthday occasion. Each lucky waving green cat gold coin is struck from 1/25 oz of 99.99% pure gold in proof quality and recognized as legal tender under the Government of Tuvalu. Only 6000 lucky green cats will be released making these cat coins hot collectors items.

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