Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Sports Coins

Buy Perth Mint Australian Sports Coins

Sports coins celebrate the dedication, training and victory that is necessary to become an elite sports person.

Perth Mint sports coins remember participation in events such as the Olympics, world cup and special events. Commemorative sports coins are perfect for athletes, officials, family members or fans who want a collector’s item.

Australian sports coins may also highlight the achievements of an individual or a stunning victory such as the day Australia won the America’s cup.

Buy sports coins as a unique gift or for a special occasion. Each Perth mint sport coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity and presented in beautiful presentation packaging.

Review the following Sports Coins

Perth Mint London Olympic Games 2012 Mercury 25£ Gold Coin
Perth Mint 2012 London Olympic Games £5 Coins
2010 RSA FIFA World Cup South Africa 1oz Silver Coin
2010 RSA FIFA World Cup South Africa 1/10 oz Gold Coin
25th Anniversary America’s Cup Silver Coin
2010 Australian Winter Olympic Team Silver Coin
Sydney World Masters Silver Coin
100 Years of Swimming Silver Coin
2010 FIFA World Cup 1/4 oz Gold Coin
2010 FIFA World Cup 0.5g Gold Coin
2010 FIFA World Cup 1 oz Silver Coin

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