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Commemorative Gold And Silver Coins – Minted Collectors Coins


Australian Commemorative Gold and Silver Coins – Minted Collectors Coins For 2010 and Beyond

Australian Commemorative gold and silver coins are struck by mints in celebration of a theme, event or unique individual. These coins are issued in limited mintage and they often sell out very quickly. If a secondary market for minted collector’s coins develops, it can result in the coins becoming more valuable than the original issue price.

Initial perceived demand is often what motivates dealers or serious collectors to purchase the coins in the hope of profiting from collectors coins. A recent example of this is the Battle of Thermapylae Silver Coin that was limited to an initial release of only 5000 coins. Theater enthusiasts may recall the movie ‘300’. This coin commemorates King Leonidis and the 300 Spartans who defended the pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC. When this coin was released, it sold out immediately.

Other than collectors gold coin speculation, serious collectors acquire gold and silver commemorative coins for long term holding. If you happen to like sporting memorabilia then minted gold coins that depict a particular event can have special appeal. An example of this is the recent Sydney World Masters games; an international sports event for passionate sportsmen and women aged 25 years and above. This event was hosted in Sydney in October 2009. The Sydney World Masters Silver Coin holds significance for collectors of sporting memorabilia, participating athletes, officials, volunteers, friends, families and supporters of this event.

In the year ahead a number of coins have been developed to celebrate special events. One of most significant events is the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Over 57 nations will compete in skiing, the bobsleigh, ice hockey, the luge and speed skating. The Australian Winter Olympic Team Silver Coin has been authorized by the Australian Winter Olympic Committee to commemorate the Australian representation at this historic event. For athletes, officials, friends and family, this silver collectors coin will serve as a reminder of the spirit and competition of the games which is set to become one of the leading sporting events of 2010.

For soccer fans, the 2010 South African World Cup will be the year’s premier sports carnival; held between 11 June and 11 July. With 32 qualifying teams, only the Olympics can rival this in terms of international participation. A special release of Australian commemorative gold coins to celebrate the 2010 world cup in South Africa have been authorized. The Perth Mint have struck a range of world cup coins to represent the Australian Socceroo’s appearance. If you are an Australian soccer fan, these coins will become collector’s items and will sell out very quickly once this event commands worldwide focus.

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